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Reparo is probably the Best Lender for your business if…

In this article, we take a look at reasons why Reparo might just be the perfect lender for your business.

Reparo is probably the Best Lender for your business if… you need financing quickly.

We work fast to review, approve and complete loans. A dedicated expert works on your application – there is no algorithm or centralised team that need to approve the loan – so you will be speaking to the person that actually makes the decision.

Because everyone in our team has at least ten years of commercial lending experience, they can assess deals quickly and they have access to the final decision maker at all times, which allows you to avoid the time-consuming decision-making process used by traditional lenders.

We are always talking to businesses that have a very immediate cash requirement. They often need a quick cash injection to deal with an unexpected issue or to take advantage of an opportunity that won’t be around for very long. We specialise in these situations and make lending decisions under extreme time pressure.

Reparo is probably the Best Lender for your business if…you need a lending decision based on your specific circumstances.

Every single lending application is unique. We understand this and base our lending decision on your exact circumstances. Below are a couple of ways our approach differs from traditional lenders.

  Other Lenders Reparo
Financial Accounts Review what is filed at Companies House. Looks at the latest management accounts to build a picture of current financial health.
Age Look for businesses to have a track record, normally at least two years. Looks at an owners’ entire track record – including past businesses.
Business Plan Focused mainly on financial metrics. Takes time to understand the business plan and its commercial merit.
Deals that are difficult to understand Disregarded if they don’t fit into pre-defined lending criteria. Always takes the time to understand the specifics of the deal.
Security Inflexible approach to security. Flexible security looking at business assets, personal assets, 1st and 2nd charges.
Detrimental information Will generally disqualify an applicant immediately. Will talk to the client and examine the specific circumstances.
Quick Timeframe Not inclined to rush through deals. Moves heaven and earth to get deals completed within a sensible timeframe.

Reparo is probably the Best Lender for your business if…traditional lenders are struggling to fit your circumstances into their rigid lending criteria.

Reparo is focused on your business. Most traditional lenders are inflexible – we’re the opposite. Our expert relationship managers clock up a lot of miles going all over the country to meet our loan applicants.Call us old-fashioned, but we think it’s important to build a relationship, meet you and understand your business.

Larger lenders have a considerable number of loan applications. I’m sure you’ve experienced a loan application that is “submitted”, and an answer comes back from a machine: that’s how they manage the volume of loan applications. Our approach is completely different; you will discuss your needs with one of our team who will make their own decision.

Whether it’s a yes or no, we will be completely clear about the reasons behind the decision. This is important because if for any reason we can’t provide a loan you’ll know why and be better equipped next time you apply.

Reparo is probably the Best Lender for your business if… you value dealing with the person who is making the lending decision rather than a faceless algorithm.

Our team all have over ten years’ experience in commercial lending – often much longer. We look at a lending application as a whole, including the idea and the people behind the application. We have many clients who come back to us for multiple and repeat loans, and we feel that’s because we take time to understand your business and form a relationship.

Reparo is probably the Best Lender for your business if… you value a transparent, fair and simple lending process.

Although we’re technically an unregulated lender we opt-in to operate within the regulatory framework and our process is designed on fairness.

  • Our documentation is easy to understand, described regularly as “a breath of fresh air”.
  • We require that all businesses that borrow from us take independent legal advice when signing personal guarantees.
  • We underwrite on the basis that the client will repay us solvently; we know plans sometimes don’t work, but we want to understand how you will repay us.

Reparo is probably the Best Lender for your business if… you want a loan that is free from extensive and complicated penalties.

Because our documentation is straightforward and not full of legalese, you’ll easily be able to see what you’re signing up for.

We are highly flexible with our repayment terms and may be able to structure a repayment schedule around your specific business requirements.

There are no hidden fees; we don’t make a return by tying you into punitive early repayment terms. Everything is designed to make your life simpler and easier.

To discuss a loan between £10,000 and £1m, please get in touch with one of the team on  or 0161 451 5714. You can find out more about us on our website:

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