Case Studies

Reparo Helps Biscuit Maker Diversify

We’ve helped a biscuit maker to start new product lines to diversify its business.

The family-run company makes biscuits for wholesale and has been running for 14 years.

It has ongoing contracts with several well-known food brands. 

A family illness meant that the company directors’ attention wasn’t entirely on the business for a year. This, combined with Brexit and Covid-19 issues, meant the company experienced a loss during 2021.

To help get the business back on track, the company planned to diversify by launching several innovative new products. These included protein biscuits, seasonal gift sets and a hamper to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.

However, before they could do so they had to purchase new machinery and pay several supplier bills.

Having made a loss, the directors knew that a high street bank wouldn’t be able to help them. They used the Funding Options online brokerage platform, which put them in touch with us.


A Sustainable Deal

The company initially approached us for a £50k Cashflow Loan. However, we could see that their financial situation meant they would need a higher value Structured Loan to achieve their aims.

We worked with the client to create an affordable deal and give them the money they needed to get their business back on track. 

We lent the company £95k over 48 months, with a second charge over property as security.


A Common Sense Approach

This loan shows Reparo’s common sense approach to lending in two ways:

  1. We could see that the business was facing difficult financial times. But we also knew the directors had been distracted by the family illness. They had been unable to run the company as well as they normally would.

The business still had a healthy customer base and solid plans to make the company profitable again.

  1. Rather than rejecting the client for the Cashflow Loan, we worked with them to understand their needs. This allowed us to suggest a deal that would be more sustainable for the business over the long term.

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We offer two products:

  • Cashflow Loans from £25k to £75k: perfect in a cash flow emergency
  • Structured Loans from £75k to £1m: highly flexible solutions

Email the team at, or call us on 0161 451 5710

Email the team at, or call us on 0161 451 5710