Case Studies

Reparo Helps Pub Solve Staffing Issues

We’ve helped an independent Oxfordshire-based pub to overcome staffing issues.

The pub had been closed throughout lockdown and then reopened when restrictions were lifted.

The popular pub quickly started getting a healthy number of customers through the door again.

However, it was struggling with staffing issues due to Covid-19. These staffing issues forced the pub to close its kitchen two days a week. This meant that the company couldn’t make as much money.

At the same time, its contracts with suppliers meant that it was paying for seven days worth of food. This created a cash flow problem.

The pub owners wanted to sell the business but needed to get these issues sorted out first.


A Healthy Business

The pub owners came to Reparo for help.

The pub had healthy financials and the business had plenty of customers. The directors owned the building outright, which gave us security to lend against.

We provided the company with a Reparo Structured Loan for £100k over 18 months. The client signed two personal guarantees as security and agreed to a first charge on the property.

Unlike other lenders, we don’t charge clients for repaying their loan early. This made us perfect for this client, as they can repay the loan if and when they sell the business.


Supporting Hospitality

We’ve helped many hospitality businesses recently. The sector has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. Lots of bars, restaurants and pubs have experienced cash flow problems through no fault of their own.

Banks and other mainstream lenders are unable to help these companies as their lending criteria is too strict. Many avoid the hospitality sector altogether as they feel it is too risky.

Reparo is different. We know that the current challenges facing the sector are mostly only short term. If a company is given a cash injection it can help them overcome their issues and become profitable again.

Learn more about our work supporting the hospitality sector by reading this article.

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We offer two products:

  • Cash Flow Loans from £25k to £75k: perfect in a cash flow emergency
  • Structured Loans from £75k to £1m: highly flexible solutions

Email the team at, or call us on 0161 451 5710

Email the team at, or call us on 0161 451 5710