Case Studies

Reparo Helps Scaffolding Company Expand

We’ve provided a scaffolding solutions company with working capital to operate more efficiently and fund its regional and international expansion.

Interscaff is a holding company. Its subsidiaries provide scaffolding solutions to different sectors. 

The company needed funding to:

  • Improve efficiency by sharing resources and equipment between its different subsidiaries 
  • Expand regionally and overseas

The directors have been running a scaffolding business since 1997. We could see that they were highly experienced. They were also transparent with us and understood the challenges they faced.

We were happy to fund the business.


Finding Solutions

This deal came with a number of complexities. The company had already engaged with another lender but had experienced difficulties that slowed down the borrowing process.

We took time to examine the deal they had made with the incumbent lender. We suggested a new, restructured deal with us that would allow Interscaff to get its finance quicker and easier than with the previous deal.

We provided the company with a £600,000 loan.

Interscaff was delighted with the way we approached this deal. One of its directors commented:

“Reparo Finance is a dynamic, forward-thinking company. We were impressed with their fast and flexible approach. 

“We faced many hurdles to get this finance and they helped us overcome all of them—most lenders wouldn’t take the time to do this.  

“They’re also personable and approachable. Many lenders can feel faceless, but Reparo met us in person and took the time to understand our business.

“We’re already discussing future financing options that could help our company grow more in the future.


We Always Look For Reasons to Lend

This deal highlights Reparo’s dedication to making a deal work.

Most lenders simply aren’t willing to find solutions to complex issues. This had been Interscaff’s experience with the incumbent lender. It was causing the company’s management and its broker a lot of stress.

Reparo is different. We take the time to sit down with the client, understand their business and then find a solution that works.

In this case, we did more than provide a better-structured deal. 


  • Liaised with three sets of solicitors
  • Managed the delivery of important documents to one of the directors who was abroad 
  • Personally delivered the loan documents to the client so that the deal would go through quickly 

In an email to our Senior Business Development Manager, Craig Ashton, Interscaff’s broker, Helen Boylett-Smith of Go-Factor Invoice Finance said:

“I just wanted to put in writing my sincere thanks to you and your team in securing the Interscaff deal.  

“It has been a long and complicated funding journey with many twists and turns which no one could have predicted.  

“Thank you for keeping me updated at each step of the way and educating me on the nuances of such a difficult fund.  

“Thank you to Steve and the Senior Management Team at Reparo for being able to think outside of the box, look for reasons to do a deal and for always offering a quick decision-making process.

“You have impressed me at every step of the journey and remained calm and confident. Quite simply Craig, you and Reparo are an absolute pleasure to work with.  I honestly can’t think of another funder who would have been able to manage this as well as you have done.”

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We offer two products:

  • Cash Flow Loans from £25k to £75k: perfect in a cash flow emergency
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Email the team at, or call us on 0161 451 5710