Reparo Finance Completed Deal: £240,000 Funding Provided to Help a Utilities Services Company

Deal Type: Restructure Debt

Loan Amount:  £240,000

Loan Type:  Reparo Two-Year Loan

Security: Residential Property

Region:  Yorkshire

Reparo helped a utilities services company to pay off some existing debt after it experienced a cash flow issue, even though the business was trading well. The company needed to pay back debt over a relatively short time period, including a TTP arrangement with HMRC.

Although the company could just about sustain the current repayments, it would put a huge strain on working capital and make it difficult to keep the business running as usual. It needed a loan to help it through this difficult period.

The company knew that a bank loan wasn’t a viable option for several reasons:

  • It needed the loan quickly to ease the strain on working capital, and bank due diligence would likely take months.
  • TTP arrangements don’t usually fall within the banks’ lending criteria.
  • The case was fairly complex, and consents from first chargeholders were needed.

However, Reparo took the time to examine the case in more detail and was able to offer a loan of £240,000 over two years, reducing the current monthly payments and greatly alleviating the stress on working capital.

As with all cases, Reparo’s priority was to meet the business owners in person. We were soon satisfied that they were knowledgeable and professional entrepreneurs who had successfully run the business for many years.

The owners offered residential property for security, demonstrating a serious commitment to the company, and after an initial meeting the deal was completed quickly.

Managing Director Andrew Ward said of the case: “Although the company initially came to us asking for a smaller bridging loan, after getting to know the business owners and the specifics of their case we were happy to agree to a larger loan over a longer period. This enabled them to make repayments over the space of two years, giving them the much-needed working capital to keep the business thriving.”

Liam Killen, Reparo Business Development Manager, added: “After dealing with the fallout from a cash flow issue or any unexpected change in circumstance, many companies don’t have the time to wait for a bank loan to be approved. Reparo helps companies by working quickly and offering flexible loans to get them back on their feet.” To discuss a loan of between £10,000 and £1m, please get in touch with one of the team at or on 0161 451 5710.