Reparo Finance Completed Deal: £450k of Urgent Funding Secured for a Residential Property Development Project

Deal Type: Residential Property Development

Loan Amount: £450k

Loan Type: Reparo Six-Month Bridging Loan

Security: Separate unencumbered property within the developer’s property portfolio

Region: Yorkshire

Reparo worked alongside a highly experienced property developer to fund the time-sensitive development of nine apartments.

The developer was funding the acquisition through the sale of two properties and needed a six-month loan facility to be put in place quickly. This loan enabled him to take advantage of the development opportunity, while the sale of his other properties were completed.

Sharon Bryden says:

The entrepreneur had a background of successful property investments and was happy to provide a charge over two properties but needed the deal completed quickly. Because our process is so fast, we were able to start working on the deal the same day it came in and completed within ten days. This speed was vital, so the developer didn’t miss out on the opportunity”