Fake News

27th November 2019

Three Intriguing Asset Classes

At Reparo, we spend a lot of time gauging the value of businesses and assets, so as a team we’re fascinated by investing. In this piece, […]
27th November 2019

Three Female Founders to Watch in 2020

The under-representation of women remains an issue within the technology world, with 93% of all venture capital funds raised in 2018 invested in companies with all-male […]
27th November 2019

The UK has a £16bn Late Payment Problem

Late payments are a significant problem for UK businesses, but the government is slow to act. A summer press release outlined a “robust package of measures” […]
27th November 2019

Ten Traits That Make a Great CEO (Backed by Research)

Ten Traits That Make a Great CEO (Backed by Research) Most of us have an idea about what we think makes a great CEO. It could […]
7th November 2019

Reparo Finance Completed Deal: £75K Fast Track Loan to Provide Working Capital While Waiting for an R&D Tax Reclaim

Deal Type: Working Capital Loan Amount: £75k Loan Type: Fast Track Security: Personal Guarantees and Company Debenture Region: Yorkshire When a manufacturing company that sells into […]