Take a look at some frequently asked questions below:

1What is the size of your loans?
£25,000 upwards
2Over what period can I borrow?
Up to 24 months
3What business security do you take?
We take an indemnity from the directors.
4What information do you need?
Accounts, bank statements and a reference as a minimum to assess the loan. We will also ultimately need your I.D and authority to conduct a search. We will conduct an independent valuation on fixed assets.
5What is the cost?
The cost varies for each individual client
6Can I repay early?
Yes, with no charges after the minimum period has elapsed.
7Can I re borrow after I repay my loan?
Yes we welcome applications from clients who have repaid their previous loans with us. If you have complied with all the conditions of your first loan you may also benefit from more attractive rates.
8How do I repay?
We set up a direct debit mandate to collect your regular payments.
9Who can’t we help?
If you are registered or based overseas we can not currently assist you.
10Do you lend to individuals?
No, we only lend to companies.
11What if I can’t make a payment?
We will try and help you and potentially restructure your loan, or help you find a loan to repay us. However you are liable for all the payments, and we will make every effort to recover all the payments due to us.
12Do I have to have been trading for a minimum amount of time?
No, we look at all situations.