21st May 2019

Could the Decline in the Value of Retail Property Lead to Investment Opportunities?

It will be no surprise to anyone with even a passing interest in the news that UK retailers are struggling. A walk down many high streets […]
9th May 2019

From the Ladies European Tour to Golf Course Owner – Fame Loves a Challenge

After starting golf at the relatively old age of ten, Fame Tate worked hard at her game and was soon playing for England and then Great […]
7th May 2019

British Business Bank Small Business Finance Markets Update

Every quarter, the British Business Bank produces a “Market Update” on the current conditions of the SME finance market. The report includes information on the current […]
30th April 2019

The Underrepresentation of Women in the Venture Capital Industry

In our previous article “Raising Venture Funding is Difficult if You’re Female,” we explored the issues female founders have when it comes to raising venture funding. […]
26th April 2019

Reparo Finance – The Lender That Will Help in a Crisis

Reparo look at every loan application on its own merits; unlike traditional lenders, Reparo doesn’t have rigid lending criteria. Instead, all circumstances are taken into consideration. […]