16th July 2019

Completed Deals – £800k Land Purchase That Required a Cross Guarantee

Deal Type: Land Acquisition Loan Amount: £800k Loan Type: Reparo Bridging Loan Security: Land Region: North Yorkshire Reparo helped an entrepreneur fund the acquisition of land when traditional lenders weren’t willing […]
16th July 2019

Reparo Finance Completed Deal: £100k Fast Track Loan to Help an Online Fashion Retailer Keep Growing

Deal Type: E-commerce Working Capital Loan Loan Amount: £100k Loan Type: Fast Track Loan Security: Personal Guarantees Region: Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Reparo Provide a Much Needed Cash Injection Reparo helped an […]
8th July 2019

Is Buy-to-Let Still a Viable Asset Class?

Buying property to let is a popular investment strategy. However, finding success in the market has become difficult in recent years due to changing regulations and […]
4th July 2019

The Surprising Benefit of a Diverse Network

As the old saying goes, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, and nowhere is this more true than the world of commercial finance […]
2nd July 2019

Reparo Finance Completed Deal: £375k Funding Secured to Complete Property Development Project

Deal Type: Property Development Loan Amount: £375k Loan Type: Reparo Six-Month Bridging Loan Security: Property Region: Norfolk Reparo worked with a property developer to ensure funding was in place and their […]