January 20, 2021

Staying Positive During Lockdown


With the third lockdown in full swing, the economy is taking yet another hit, with many company business plans on hold as they struggle to find the capital they need to grow their business or even stay afloat.

Worst still, it’s January and the dark, cold days offer little respite from the current economic woes.

It’s our philosophy that, in such difficult times, it’s essential to focus on the positives both professionally and personally.

From a professional perspective, we’re continuing to offer businesses quick and flexible access to finance.

Many of our customers will have been turned down by banks and other traditional lenders despite being viable businesses.

We often represent a lifeline to companies in this situation, and we’re proud to be providing a positive solution after what can be a stressful period.

This positive approach reflects who we are as a team and how we deal with personal difficulties too.

For example, our Operations Director, Sharon Bryden, is currently running 150 miles across January to support Dementia UK.

She was inspired to take on the challenge after her mother Denise, who had dementia, passed away last year.

“For my sister and me it was heartbreaking to see mum struggle through the illness and watching her deteriorate so quickly,” said Sharon.

“Dementia places an immense emotional strain on a family. You are thrown into becoming a carer at the same time as you are struggling to come to terms with how the illness is taking away the person you love and grieving for the loss you are experiencing.”

The loss of Sharon’s mother was heartbreaking; however, she says that she is determined to recognise the positive elements and build upon them.

“My sister and I were lucky to have the support of the amazing specialist dementia nurses who provided help, guidance and reassurance during some very difficult periods.”

“I’m doing the challenge because I want to give something back for the emotional support and comfort we received from them.”

Sharon, who was already a keen runner before starting the challenge, initially aimed to raise £350 – however, this was quickly smashed and at the time of writing is at £805.

If you’d like to support Sharon, then visit her Just Giving page. All donations are gratefully received.