Ten Deals Reparo Finance Completed in 2019

Reparo helped businesses with a range of problems in 2019. We provided start-up funding to entrepreneurs, helped established companies overcome working capital issues, and provided cash to drive growth.

As it’s the end of the year, we thought it would be a good time to look back at ten deals we finalised in 2019. You can read more about each story by clicking the link.

Clothing Wholesaler Hung Out to Dry

When a clothing wholesaler was left with a warehouse full of stock after a deal with a large retailer fell through, there was an immediate need for £1m of working capital. The business knew it could find other buyers but needed to keep paying the bills in the meantime.

We were able to complete a £1m loan within seven days to make sure the business was able to carry on trading. Constant communications between key stakeholders, a tight project plan and excellent professional partners helped us move fast and keep the business on track.

Established Manufacturers Needed £350k to Process a Large Order

An established manufacturer needed a significant cash injection to start work on a large order. Because the business had shown inconsistent performance in recent years, traditional lenders were unlikely to provide the capital.

We looked at the reputation of the business, considered its recent performance in the context of a challenging sector and concluded that the business plan was solid. We provided a loan that allowed the company to consolidate its lending and meant we could take charge over its main commercial property.

The deal was completed quickly, and the business was able to move forward with the important order. In the terms, we weighted repayments towards the second half of the loan to help the business navigate the cash flow challenges of the large contract.

Reparo Cash Helps New Bar Open for Christmas

In one of our latest deals, an experienced entrepreneur needed access to £50k of quick cash to help refurbish a newly acquired bar before Christmas.

The owner came to us because they knew that even if they had been able to get funding from a bank, the money would come too late. This would leave them unable to take advantage of the busy Christmas period.

We were able to get the deal done in just three days, ensuring the owner had access to the money they needed, when they needed it.

IT Business Extends Credit with Equipment as Security

An IT consultancy which had previously paid back £50k of a £100k loan came to us to extend the lending.

The owners had struggled to gain financing from banks due to the perceived inconsistency of consultancy work, and the challenge of accurately valuing the IT equipment they wanted to use as security.

We consulted a trusted specialist who quickly provided a valuation on the equipment. This — combined with our positive experience working with the company previously and knowledge of its financial performance — meant we were happy to provide the company with funding.

Reparo Loan Helps Manufacturer Escape Cash Flow Trouble

When a growing manufacturer realised it needed a cash injection to ease short-term cash flow problems, it came to Reparo because of our reputation for getting cash into bank accounts fast.

We were happy to provide the deal due to the experience of the management team, its growing revenues, and the personal guarantees offered by the company directors. What’s more, the company was expecting to receive significant funds from a tax claim that was being processed.

The company benefited from our  ability to work fast. We completed the deal in 24 hours and the business had access to the cash in just a few days.

Reparo Overcomes Complex Business Structure to Provide Private School with £200k

In one of our most complex deals of the year, we were able to provide a private school with a £200k loan to cover costs during the summer break. This was despite the large number of stakeholders in the business, meaning completing the compliance requirements was time consuming.

Our flexibility and the fact that we’d worked with the company before meant we were able to complete the deal in time, helping the school to get through the summer.

Reparo Provides £100k to Long-Standing Business After Bank Rejection

Despite strong financials and a history that dates back to the 1800s, when this business went to a bank for help, they were rejected. This was likely due in part to a CCJ against the company, and the atypical nature of the property the company wanted to use as security.

Our flexibility meant we were able to look past the issues the bank rejected them on. We decided that the CCJ didn’t make the business high risk, and we were confident in the valuation of the security provided by a trusted partner. We were happy to give the company the loan they needed. 

Contractor Receives Cash to Help with Construction Delays

When the project this construction contractor was working on was delayed, the owners knew they would struggle with working capital until it restarted. The owner came to Reparo looking for a loan to ease these issues.

After learning about the company and the director, we were happy that the business model was solid and we were comfortable to take the next steps in the application. The owner provided personal assets as security and we were soon able to complete the deal.  

Manufacturer Receives £50k to Help with Emergency Situation

This manufacturer needed a cash injection to help repair broken machinery. Unfortunately, banks were unable to help due to outstanding loans and the business’s inability to provide security.

However, after a family member agreed to provide a personal guarantee, we were able to conclude the deal. This meant the bad luck of the machinery breaking would not harm the business.

Reparo Provides Machinery Deposit Despite Winding Up Order

This agricultural services business needed money to fund the deposit on a machinery purchase. Other lenders had already rejected the company for several reasons, including the director not being a UK homeowner, the company having a CCJ, and the existence of an HMRC winding-up petition.

After receiving the application we went to see the owner, who explained the business model. They also explained that they had made a payment to clear the debt that had caused the winding-up petition.

This, combined with a personal guarantee from a family member, meant that we were more than happy to provide the business with the funding it needed to get over these short-term difficulties.

These ten deals are just some of the loan applications we have approved in 2019. If you or a client needs access to money fast, then get in touch with one of the team on either sales@reparofinance.co.uk or 0161 451 5710 to discuss a loan of between £10,000 and £1 million.