What do we do?

What do we do?

What do we do?

Reparo has been established to provide finance to firms who may be finding it difficult to source finance from the traditional clearing banks and finance houses.  The main UK clearing banks claim that they are ‘open for business’ but in reality access to funding for small firms is still problematic.

We can:

  • Provide funding from £50,000 upwards, to a current maximum of £1M.
  • Provide decisions within 48 hours.
  • Replace the current finance provider and support the business going forward.
  • Provide Asset Backed finance for shorter term projects, refinancing or transactions, usually with a relatively quick repayment profile (typically 3-9 months, maximum 24 months) 
  • Take security over any asset, either as a single asset, or combination (Property, Machinery, Vehicles, Plant, Receivables and Inventory)
  • Provide funding for almost any situation: transactional opportunities (MBO / MBI) Purchasing assets from insolvency / liquidation, expansion, re-finance, restructure.

Reparo is a direct lender to SME companies, however we can not directly help every business we see.  We also have contact with many other finance providers and equity providers, as well as providers of other services to companies, who may be able to assist you.


Company Number: 09030965 | FCA Registered: 624005

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