About Us

A Partner
You Can Trust

Reparo Finance helps business owners access the finance they need to grow and succeed. We provide bespoke finance solutions to UK SMEs by working with brokers to ensure we offer the right deal for every client.

We’re experts in helping small businesses meet urgent funding requirements in often complex or challenging circumstances.  Whether a business is looking to take their business to the next step or simply to keep the cash flowing you can trust that we have their best interests at heart. 

We’re here to help, with the right solution, at the right time.

Who we are

Reparo Finance was founded in 2014 as the UK came out of recession to provide working capital to businesses that required a more personal method of underwriting that was no longer available from high street banks.

A background in corporate restructuring meant our founders had seen first-hand the challenges faced by businesses entering insolvency and recognised that, in many cases, the right funding at the right time could often have prevented it.

In 2016 we began working with a challenger bank, having proven the concept of our lending model, providing increased capital to help more SMEs.

In 2021 the founding team moved onto new challenges paving the way for a new leadership team with new ambitions and growth opportunities in the post Covid-19 era.

Our Aim

We understand every business is unique. We don’t rely on an algorithm to make a decision based on a tick box exercise, instead we work closely with brokers and their clients to offer a lending solution that’s unique to them.

Our personal approach combined with our expert knowledge and flexibility, means that you can trust we’ll offer the right deal, at the right time.

Our Manifesto

We’re experts in meeting complex, challenging or urgent funding requirements. Building human relationships are at the core of what we do. Brokers and businesses can trust that we have their best interests at heart – which means doing the right things for the right reasons.

We understand that businesses often want to complete the deal as quickly as possible.

But unlike other lenders, we don’t just want to make a fast decision. We want to make the best decision that’s right for the people involved. In reaching that decision, we act with the highest standards of professionalism, fairness and empathy. With a flexible, open, personal approach, it is always our intention to get the best deal possible for an individual’s specific situation.

Equally, we believe that a deal that puts undue financial pressure on business owners solves nothing and reflects badly on everyone involved. So much so that we are prepared to point people towards an alternative solution if we think that better serves their requirements.

For brokers, we never forget that the client relationship is yours, so our feedback to you will always be honest and straightforward. That way you and your client fully understand not only the reasons for our decisions, but also the implications of those decisions.

Meet the Team
Steve Richardson

Commercial Director

Steve is responsible for building and developing our new business function and liaising with partners. With over 20 years of experience in commercial finance, Steve joins us from previous management roles at Capify and Funding Options.
Jason Cossey

Operations Director

Jason oversees all client management across the company. Responsible for compliance and part of the underwriting committee, Jason has over 15 years of experience in commercial lending.
Clare Kenyon

Finance Director

Clare manages all financial planning and regulatory reporting. With a long and successful career in financial management, Clare is an integral member of the team. She has previously worked in accounting roles at Zurich Life & Investments.
Dan Jones

Senior Business Development Manager

Daniel represents Reparo to clients and finds exceptional brokers to partner with. He has over ten years of experience in commercial finance, and joins us from a previous role as Business Development Manager at Lloyds.

Jonny Hampson

Commercial Manager

Jonny supports Reparo’s business development function, drawing on previous experience in the banking sector, as well as undertaking various cross-departmental responsibilities including credit management.
Kelly Green

Relationship Manager

Kelly is involved at all stages of the lending process, andworks with clients to make sure they are comfortable with every part of the process. She previously worked at Freeman Jones Limited and RBS and has over 14 years of experience.
Ronnie Harris

Business Development Manager

Bringing seven years’ commercial finance experience, including roles across foreign exchange, debt recovery and SME financing, Ronnie builds strong relationships with brokers and clients across the North, guiding them throughout the application process to deliver tailored lending solutions.