Our Products


  • £25,000 – £75,000
  • 12 -52 weeks
  • Fully amortised after 12 weeks 
  • No early repayment costs
  • We consider unusual cases that some lenders won’t
  • The client can reborrow

reparostructured finance

  • £75,000 – £1 million
  • 3 months to 60 months 
  • Interest only and amotising options
  • No exit fees/ERC
  • Up to 80% LTV (first and second charge)
  • Borrow against a range of commercial and residential assets 

Your questions answered

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How does the lending process work?

How do you want it to work? We have a personalised approach and focus on working with the individual and not a one-size fits all model.

We can be flexible and run with it, or we can do a package proposal. We like to build relationships and to meet with customers and clients when it comes to the pay-out.

For every transaction the broker is remunerated.

How quickly can I get money for my client?

How long is a piece of string? There can sometimes be delays, but we can assure you these won’t be from our side.

While it is dependable on numerous factors, for short term loans it can be as quick as 48 hours.

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What do you need from me to get this done?

It varies depending on the agreement.

For short-term working capital loans, we would need bank statements and accounts.

For asset-based lending we would need standard information pertaining to the asset:

  • Type
  • Value 
  • Structure deal required 

The best way to find out specifically what is needed is to call us so we can help you quickly and efficiently.


Who will deal with the inevitable chasing of banks, solicitors, and surveyors?

It’s up to you. We give you the choice.

Some brokers like to be in the middle. An ops team can run the deal from end to end or you can be more involved – we work with you to see what your preference would be.

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Can you lend in challenging circumstances?

It depends, but we are able to help with most business loans.

There are a couple of areas we won’t get involved in. We don’t do third charge and we don’t do development finance against GDV.

That said, our focus is on our relationship with you and to help with deals that are challenging. If we can’t help, we can find someone who might be able to assist.



What is your commission and when is it paid?

We allow the broker to set the commission rate via an arrangement fee.

Usually we charge a 3-5% arrangement fee split in your favour.

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