Case Studies

How our £1m loan transformed a private hospital

We provided working capital to an interior design client to help fund a major new project.

The company provides interior design services for businesses that serve wealthy customers.

The business had won a large new contract with a well-known healthcare provider.

But our client already had most of their working capital tied up in other projects.

They needed a £1 million short-term loan to fund the project and so went to their invoice finance provider.

The interior designer faced several challenges in getting a loan from traditional lenders:

  • The owner had set up a new company a year ago especially to service the contract. This meant it was technically a new company with no income stream.
  • One of the owner’s other companies was facing difficulties that impacted their ability to get credit.
  • They needed to get the loan quickly or the contract would lapse.

For these reasons, the invoice finance lender wasn’t able to help. They recommended Reparo to their client instead.


A Closer Look

We viewed the client’s financial situation in context and took a flexible approach.

It was clear that the difficulties facing one of the client’s other companies wouldn’t affect this business.

And a closer look at the client’s other businesses revealed they had plenty of revenue and could afford the loan.

But most importantly, the client planned to sell a large office building they owned and this would be used to repay the loan.

The building was a business centre with executive office suites. It had an annual turnover of £400k and 14 sitting tenants. There was already interest from buyers in this profitable asset.

We were comfortable with the client using the building as security for the loan.


Challenge: Other Lenders

Unfortunately, there was a problem. Two other lenders already had a first and second charge on the property.

Our lending criteria forbids us from taking a third charge. To take a second charge, we would have had to take out the second charge holder and get consent from the first charge holder.  This would take considerable time—by which point, our client’s contract would have expired. It would have also increased the cost of the loan.

Our client instructed us to buy out the first and second charge holders to save time. This allowed us to pay the loan on time and also enabled the client to consolidate their existing loans.


Rapid Lending

We provided the client with a £1 million interest-only Structured Loan over 12 months, with a minimum three-month term.

The process from loan approval to payout took us just three weeks—this is fast for a loan of this scale and complexity.

The client now intends to repay the loan in full as soon as they have sold the building.


Comfortable with Complexity

This deal shows how we consider loan applications that other traditional lenders would reject out of hand.

We were comfortable that the issues with the owner’s other company had no bearing on this business. We also understood that the client had good security, even though the business we were lending to was technically brand new.

But most importantly, it shows that we can lend large sums of money fast, even when the client’s situation is complex.

If you need fast access to short-term working capital, get in touch.

We offer two products:

  • Cashflow Loans from £10k to £75k: perfect in a cash flow emergency.
  • Structured Loans from £75k to £1m: highly flexible solutions.

Email the team at, or call us on 0161 451 5710.

Email the team at, or call us on 0161 451 5710