Case Studies

Reparo Funds Car Body Repair Company

We’ve provided a car body repair business with working capital to bridge a funding gap.

The company is an approved repairer for several large car insurers. 

This provides the business with healthy revenue. However, it also means that their invoices take up to 90 days to get paid.

The company had built up a debtor book of around £400k and had begun to experience cash flow pressure as a result. 


Proactive Cash Flow Action

The company turned to a broker for help. They recommended that the company use an invoice factoring service to help alleviate future cash flow difficulties.

However, the company still had some immediate costs that needed to be paid. This meant that they needed to find finance fast. 

Part of the deal with the invoice factoring service was that they would take a debenture out over the company. The broker knew that a bank wouldn’t lend to the business because of this. They suggested Reparo instead.

We looked at the company’s finances and could see that they were a successful, healthy business. We were also impressed that the management was proactively working to alleviate their cash flow problems. 

We were able to provide the funding fast and even wrote and approved the credit paper on the same day.

We provided a £50k Fast Track loan with two personal guarantees that would be repaid over 12 months. 


Helping You Cover Urgent Financial Commitments

This was a textbook loan for Reparo. It shows how we help businesses take proactive steps to deal with cash flow difficulties before they become a problem.

Banks have strict lending criteria and are often unable to help businesses in these situations. 

Reparo’s flexibility means we’ll consider any loan application and we’ll always try to find a lending solution. We also work fast to ensure that you can cover urgent financial commitments like wages and invoices.

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