Case Studies

Beyond the algorithm: Reparo’s personal touch helps developers fund work

By working with a London based developer, we helped secure planning consent for an experienced and successful property firm

The company buys properties, improves them and sells them for a profit.

The owners wanted to add an extension to one of their properties. However, they were experiencing a funding gap and needed to borrow capital to pay for:

  • The building work
  • Fees connected to gaining planning permission for the extension

The developer could not get finance from its usual sources because it had several other loans and high debts.

It also had several returned payments. This meant that any lender using a computer algorithm to assess loan applicants would have rejected them automatically.

The owners came to us for support.


We Consider Any Deal

At first glance, this company wasn’t a good fit for finance.

We investigated the company and found that it was suitable for funding. Here’s why:

  • The returned payments were isolated incidents that had been addressed immediately.
  • The company’s directors were experienced property developers.
  • The company had an excellent credit score.
  • The business had several rental properties that provided them with income.

We provided a £30k Cashflow Loan over 52 weeks, with a personal guarantee as security.


Get Emergency Funding for Your Property Business

This deal demonstrates two things about Reparo.

First, it shows how we consider any loan application. Even if your business doesn’t appear fundable, we go the extra mile to understand its financial situation.

If there are problems, we look for ways to make the loan work.

Secondly, it shows how well-suited our services are for the property industry.

Companies in the sector usually get finance from their mortgage lender and fund other costs through rental income and property sales.

But sometimes they experience a funding gap and need money fast. In these situations, it can be difficult for them to find a lender willing to support them.

Reparo is different. We understand the industry and can quickly provide the money they need.

If you need fast access to short-term working capital, get in touch.

We offer two products:

  • Cashflow Loans from £10k to £75k: perfect in a cash flow emergency.
  • Structured Loans from £75k to £1m: highly flexible solutions.

Email the team at, or call us on 0161 451 5710.

Email the team at, or call us on 0161 451 5710