December 1, 2023

Fast-track Deal Submissions with our New Digital Broker Portal

General News

Today we’re pleased to announce a key milestone for the Reparo team and our brokers. We’ve launched a new digital portal which will enhance the deal submission journey, allowing quicker decision-making to help small business owners to access the finance they need. 

Designed using feedback from our brokers, the portal saves time, provides live status updates on the progress of applications and secure document storage all in one place. It allows brokers to dedicate more time to client relationships.  

We know it’s those close collaborative relationships that are crucial to helping businesses get the right funding solution at the right time. And this is especially important in the current turbulent economic environment.  

Steve Richardson, Commercial Director of Reparo Finance said: “In today’s climate, small businesses are often facing complex and challenging circumstances. They may be looking to take their business to the next level or keep cash flowing so getting decisions quickly to secure the right funding solution is critical. 

“With our new portal, we’re making the submission processes easier, more efficient and more GDPR compliant, allowing brokers to receive the right funding solution for their clients, faster. 

“We have a strong relationship with our network of brokers; we know that the deal submission process can often be very manual and time-consuming which could risk errors or duplication. By automating data entry, secure document storage and status updates, all in a seamless and compliant way, we hope to make our brokers’ lives easier, so they can spend more time understanding and supporting clients with their business needs.” 

Launching the new portal allows brokers to communicate seamlessly with the Reparo team, upload documents and data in a secure, compliant environment and offers live status updates on the progress of their application. 

Our portal is fully integrated with information from Companies House and credit bureaus, allowing it to automatically collate data, accurately and securely, which means fewer errors and delays and less paperwork.  

The mobile-friendly interface also allows brokers to complete deals on the go, in keeping with today’s hybrid and remote ways of working. The portal can be used for both Reparo Finance’s secured and unsecured products. 

Through this project, we hope to further our reputation as a trusted and transparent finance partner for brokers.  

For now, here are some questions you may have about using the portal.   

Do I have to register to use the portal?  

Not if you prefer to submit via email, the portal was highly requested by many of our partners who submit a high volume of enquiries, so they could self-serve and get live updates from our CRM / integrate via APIs to their own portals. 

What happens to the deals I already have in progress with Reparo?  

We can import any live cases to the portal once you are registered, but all cases are still being handled by the team and updates will be provided via your preferred method.  

Who do I speak to if I’m having problems registering for or using the portal?  

Please get in touch with if you have any questions or issues. 

What’s the portal roadmap? 

The portal is currently in beta, allowing for submission and tracking. The 2024 roadmap for the portal includes: 

  • Credit Integration for company searches 
  • Further information requests from credit can be white-labelled and sent from the portal 
  • Clients can be sent search authority KYC forms from the portal 
  • Live customer renewal tracking, for loan top ups and further advances 

To find out more or register for our digital broker portal please email