March 29, 2021

Maintaining excellent client communication: A day in the life of Kelly Green


Kelly is our Assistant Relationship Manager. Her responsibilities include dealing with queries, maintaining communication between our internal teams and keeping clients informed at each stage of the lending process.

We caught up with Kelly to find out what it’s like to live a day in her shoes.

6:30 – I wake up early to have a quiet brew and some breakfast before getting my daughter up and ready.

8:30 – One of the benefits of being based from home is having the opportunity to do the school run, meaning I have time to chat with my daughter and catch up properly.

9:00 – I’m back at my desk and ready for work! My first task is to go through my calendar and prepare for any calls or payments. I then check my emails and ensure there is nothing that needs to be dealt with urgently.

9:30 – Time for the operations call. We have various catch ups throughout the week, but on this call we discuss a client who is having issues managing their repayments – it’s just as important to support clients in repaying loans as it is to help those seeking finance.

10:00 – After the meeting, I review the payments we’ve received this week and make sure they’ve all been added accordingly. If there are any we haven’t received, I will get in touch with the client to understand what’s happened and help them find a solution.

11:00 – For smaller fast-track deals, we prepare legal documents ourselves rather than go through a solicitor. I spend some time raising these for Jason, our Relationship Manager, to check and sign off. We then pass these to the clients’ solicitors so that they can sign off the guarantees.

13:00 – One of the benefits of working at Reparo is that we’re small enough to suggest and quickly implement improvements and everyone is welcome to contribute ideas. This has been especially useful during COVID-19 and we have seen a lot of changes. An example was in this morning’s meeting with our Financial Controller, Clare, who asked if we could input a loan to value figure at the beginning of loan applications to help with her monthly reporting. This was something quick to implement but will make the month-end much easier for Clare.

14:45 – This is when I take my lunch break as it allows me to pick my daughter up from school and catch up with her about her day. I appreciate the flexibility that Reparo gives their staff in maintaining a good work/life balance, which has made a huge difference to my day.

16:15 – Jason and I have our daily call to discuss the deals that are currently going through and anything that we both need to be on top of. As we’re not now able to see each other at the office every day, we like to regularly keep in touch to ensure nothing gets held up for our clients.

16:45 – Client searches are a large part of what Jason and I do. I spend a bit of time going through a potential client’s bank statements and credit history, ready for our board to make a decision. I then review some information for a possible future deal for our Managing Director, Andrew. I’m one of several different people at Reparo with the expertise to check the information we receive from clients. This ensures that we can spot any issues and help each other learn what to look out for.

17:30 – I have a final check of my mailbox to see if anything needs urgent attention or if it can be scheduled for tomorrow. I also check the bank account for any payments that have come through. I step away from my laptop at this time but keep my phone close just in case anything urgent is needed.

18:00 – In normal times, I would be taking my daughter to her gymnastics lesson, but she now does this on Zoom in the front room. While she does this, I make tea so we can sit as a family and eat together.

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