January 14, 2019

Reparo Finance – From Application to Completion in Ten Days


The Situation

One of Reparo’s long-standing clients required funds to complete a development project. The client needed the funds quickly and knew his bank would not be able to complete the transaction in time.

The funds of £450,000 were required within ten days; due diligence had to be carried out to get the money drawn down in time for the deal to complete.  

Reparo’s Operations Director Sharon Bryden took the call, she says “it was great to hear from someone who had a good experience with us on a past deal – this was a tight turnaround but my instinct was that we could get it completed–there was no time to lose, so I quickly arranged to meet the client”.

The Solution

Sharon has seen hundreds of deals over her 20-year career in asset-based lending, and she felt Reparo could help. This was only because of the extraordinary expertise, contacts and resilience of the Reparo Team; this is how they did it:

  • A critical first step was for Sharon to visit the client and understand exactly what they needed. The first meeting covered a lot of important information that would be crucial as the deal progressed: issues like security, valuations, repayment schedule, legal documents required, loan terms and contact details for critical third parties.
  • Once Sharon had collected and reviewed the key information she could make a judgement on the deal going ahead. Also, by collecting the relevant information, Reparo would have everything they needed to progress the deal from the outset.
  • Once satisfied that the proposition made business sense and was affordable for the client it was time to get the deal done.
  • The security for this loan was in the form of a charge over a commercial property.
  • Terms needed to be agreed with the client. He intends to repay the loan  through the sale of two properties which are currently on  the market, so required funds on a short-term basis
  • Once everything was agreed in principle, a credit paper was compiled that outlines the key points of the deal, including the business case and terms.
  • Because the person working on the credit paper has access to the credit committee during the due diligence process, any objections would have already been considered. Once a credit paper arrives with the committee it’s normally a case of signing it off; a task that can be completed quickly.
  • The loan agreement formalised the contract between the client and Reparo. The agreements Reparo compile are very straightforward and transparent, nevertheless in the timeframe of a few days drafting and checking needed to be quick.
  • Sharon was monitoring the deal closely and making sure that if any third parties needed chasing, then she was on hand to make sure everything went through; at this stage Reparo take responsibility to deliver.
  • To make the process slicker, it’s necessary for Reparo to use commercially-driven professional services firms who appreciate and can work within tight time constraints.


The deal was completed in time, and the client’s project went ahead. Sharon was pleased to help: “It was gratifying to help this entrepreneur for a second time; he had a great proposition, but the traditional system was just too slow for him. We got him the funds really quickly – without our help the deal would probably have fallen through”.

To discuss a loan between £10,000 and £1m, please get in touch with one of the team on sales@reparofinance.co.uk or 0161 451 5714. You can find out more about us on our website:   www.reparofinance.co.uk