Case Studies

Reparo Funds Steak Restaurant

We’ve helped a restaurant owner serve specialist steaks at their new premises.

The company director owns several restaurants. Their flagship premises is based near Liverpool and has been in business for around eight years.

It enjoys a roaring trade and specialises in high-quality dry-aged steaks.

The business recently opened a new branch in a neighbouring town. The new restaurant needed a specialised fridge so it could store the steaks its sister branch is known for.

The fridges are only made in Europe and the owners wanted to get one installed by Christmas. 

This meant they needed finance fast. 


Finding a Solution

The restaurant owner’s broker recommended Reparo. 

At first glance, this wasn’t a deal that we could fund—the new restaurant’s revenue figures were too low. 

However, we always look for a solution. We spoke to the directors and found that they own several restaurants that are listed as separate businesses.

We discovered that the Liverpool branch had extremely healthy revenues and we were able to lend the money against that business instead. 


£40k in Three Days

We provided a £40k Fast Track Loan with three personal guarantees that would be repaid over 52 weeks.

Once all the paperwork had been submitted to us, we completed the deal in three days. This included a site visit, signing the loan documents, getting ILAs approved by the solicitor and paying the funds. We even personally delivered the loan documents to the restaurant to ensure a speedy process.

In the end, the company directors ordered the fridge in time for Christmas delivery. They also invested some of the money in marketing their new premises and buying extra kitchen equipment.


Clear Communication

This deal shows that Reparo can provide fast finance and that we think outside of the box to find a loan solution. 

It also demonstrates our cooperative approach to creating a deal. 

For example, the client experienced issues getting information from their accountant. We helped solve this by speaking directly to the accountant and ensuring the correct information was sent.

The result was clear communication and reduced stress for all parties, as well as a quicker payout.


Supporting Hospitality

Reparo is well-placed to support hospitality businesses such as this one. In fact, this is the third restaurant that we’ve helped in as many months. 

We’ve recently funded Indian and Italian restaurants. To find out more read our article about the difficulties facing the hospitality industry and how we help.

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