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19th July 2019

Refused Lending by Funding Circle? Reparo Finance Might Be Able to Help.

When Funding Circle was founded in 2010, it was hailed as a huge disruptor to the financial services industry. Established as an online service, it allowed […]
16th July 2019

Completed Deals – £800k Land Purchase That Required a Cross Guarantee

Deal Type: Land Acquisition Loan Amount: £800k Loan Type: Reparo Bridging Loan Security: Land Region: North Yorkshire Reparo helped an entrepreneur fund the acquisition of land when traditional lenders weren’t willing […]
16th July 2019

Reparo Finance Completed Deal: £100k Fast Track Loan to Help an Online Fashion Retailer Keep Growing

Deal Type: E-commerce Working Capital Loan Loan Amount: £100k Loan Type: Fast Track Loan Security: Personal Guarantees Region: Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Reparo Provide a Much Needed Cash Injection Reparo helped an […]
2nd July 2019

Reparo Finance Completed Deal: £375k Funding Secured to Complete Property Development Project

Deal Type: Property Development Loan Amount: £375k Loan Type: Reparo Six-Month Bridging Loan Security: Property Region: Norfolk Reparo worked with a property developer to ensure funding was in place and their […]
17th June 2019

When Investors Get It Wrong: The Story of How Famous Investors Missed Out on Hungry House

At Reparo, we often deal with businesses which have struggled to get capital elsewhere. These companies are often run by savvy businesspeople with great ideas. However, […]