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11th June 2019

UK Manufacturing Needs Some Love (& Cash)

The manufacturing sector is hugely important to the UK economy. The Office for National Statistics says it currently employs 2.6 million people in the UK, making […]
31st May 2019

Reparo Finance Take the Pain Out of Borrowing

It can be difficult for SMEs to get funding. This difficulty is multiplied if a business needs money quickly to help with an unforeseen issue, or […]
26th April 2019

Reparo Finance – The Lender That Will Help in a Crisis

Reparo look at every loan application on its own merits; unlike traditional lenders, Reparo doesn’t have rigid lending criteria. Instead, all circumstances are taken into consideration. […]
2nd April 2019

Location Significantly Impacts Your Access to Funding

According to the  Small Business Finance Markets report released by the British Business Bank, location is a key factor affecting the likelihood of your business receiving […]
12th March 2019

The Staircase of Funding for an SME

In this article, we are going to explain a concept called the ‘staircase of funding’ that depicts how a business’s credit profile places them somewhere on […]